Okt 23 bis Okt 24

UN Procurement Seminar for German Companies

Doing business with the United Nations offers great potential. In 2018, the UN organizations procured for a total of USD 18.8 billion.

For the 6th time at the German Mission in New York, centrally located across the street from UN Headquarters, the German American Chamber of Commerce and the German Mission to the UN had the pleasure of organizing a UN Procurement Seminar exclusively for German companies, providing unique possibilities for one-on-one meetings with UN Procurement staff.

This seminar offered German companies the rare opportunity to connect with UN Procurement staff in one-on-one meetings and to build unique business relationships with the participating UN organizations.

Focus of the seminar was procurement from the following New York based UN organizations: UNPD, UNDP, UNICEF and UNOPS. These are four of the 10 largest UN agencies by procurement volume which represent nearly 49% of overall procurement.

The main focus wasbe on ICT, safety & security, water, energy, and shelter and accommodation solutions

Download the presentations here:

Wednesday, October 23:

Gesine Langley, UNPD

Gerard Gomez, UNDP

Joscha Kremers, UNPD

Ard Venema, LD

Samuel Ocran, UNICEF

Georgi Pisin, CANCOM

Thorin Schriber, UN Global Compact

Marie Ohm, German Chambers of Commerce

Thursday, October 24:

Trexyl Chua-Miranda, UNOPS

Bruno Maboja, UNPD: Case Study - One hour in the shoes of the UN

Bruno Maboja, UNPD: 10 Tips to Win a Tender 

Michael Rynefeld, UN-UNDP

Dr. Christoph Schemionek, World Bank

Kirsten Hungermann, GTAI

Reza Mapar, UNBD

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